Elvis Presley often sang that “some things are meant to be”. In the case of Theresa Jensen joining Lampert LawGiC, truer words were never spoken.


Leigh and Theresa met a decade ago when Leigh hired Theresa as an articling student at a major Canadian retailer. Theresa had returned to Canada after graduating from law school at the University of Oxford, completing her LL.M. at the University of Toronto, and being called to the bar, both in Ontario and New York. From the get-go, Theresa was immersed in the world of in-house law, working on everything from corporate/commercial, labour and employment matters, real estate, procurement, IT, e-commerce and technology files, privacy and regulatory issues, as well as marketing and advertising. This work continued with her subsequent legal roles, first with one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, and then at a global electronics and technology company. She thrives at striking a balance between providing solid legal advice while also ensuring business projects moved forward, often at lighting speed!


Theresa Jensen


Theresa’s appetite for learning, and her never ending grit made her an easy hire for Lampert LawGiC. She laughs about her first job - working for a lawncare company. She condensed the work into 4 long days instead of a 5-day week and got to be outside in the sun all day. Her ability to work on complicated files, and to synthesize and simplify a lot of technical information is one of her many real strengths. Her ability to stay calm, practical, and focused is why her clients love to work with her.


But for many reasons, Theresa is a lot more than your typical in-house lawyer.


In university, she worked summers in the commodity trade finance department in one of Canada’s largest banks. (A native of Winnipeg, Theresa knows the grain trade backward and can read a letter of credit in Portuguese or Spanish, despite not being fluent, because the majority of the trade was with South America.)


An avid traveler, she has seen the world. When COVID hit, she explored Ontario, always looking for those places off the beaten path, by heading to the popular places out of season. Ask her about it and she will give you lots of recommendations.


In her downtime, when not hiking and exploring, both of which she loves, Theresa can be found cooking up some delicious new dish or diving into a new book. More than that, at any hour, she is often mentoring young lawyers and hoping to instill in them the knowledge and passion that is such an integral part of her career.


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