How is Lampert LawGiC different from other firms?

Legal needs are rapidly changing. Organizations expect timely, practical, useful legal counsel. They want personalized customer service, accessible lawyers who can “step-in to their shoes” and see things not only as lawyers but as business people. And they want people who they really can trust to be on “their team”. And for this, they are not prepared to count minutes every time they make a phone call or send an e-mail, nor are they prepared to pay toward a lawyer’s significant overhead costs. Disruption is ubiquitous and the legal profession is not immune to this. Having served as in-house counsel for so many years, our lawyers have developed an excellent understanding of the legal profession and the changes it has undergone in recent years and are keenly aware that many significant innovations and transformations have yet to come.


Personalities, priorities, and tolerance for risk vary widely from one client to the next. In order to give customized, practical advice and to develop successful strategies, we work tirelessly to establish meaningful, long-standing relationships with our clients and to truly understand their businesses. We are very passionate about our work, our clients, and our relationships with them and this shows in everything we do.

What can we expect from you as our lawyer?

We are very flexible in terms of timing, locations of work, and work style. Ultimately, our goal is to get you timely, pragmatic, useful advice that will help you attain your desired outcomes while minimizing the need for a lot of “back and forth”. Our clients are incredibly busy and we try to ease their burdens by dealing with as much as we can on our own, involving them only in the important decisions, where their input is essential. People who have worked with us will say that we are extremely resourceful, highly effective and efficient, qualities that suit us well in assisting clients with their variety of needs.


Is everything we tell you confidential?

Yes. As lawyers, and subject to very few limited exceptions, we must hold in strict confidence all information concerning the business and affairs of our clients. You can rest assured that matters disclosed to or discussed with us will remain confidential.

What is your communication style?

We have always prided ourselves on being available to clients 24/7. This is not to say we are always reachable. There are times when family and other matters take priority. But anyone who has worked with us will attest to the fact that we never let them down and if there is an urgent matter, we are always there for our clients and can be counted on to help them when they need us most.

Who are your typical clients?

(1) Organizations that do not have a full-time in-house lawyer but require legal services in various fields of law. They might need a contract reviewed one day. Another day, they may need help with a new lease or a landlord dispute. A week later, they may have an employment issue. Maybe then they are considering an acquisition and need some legal help with contracts and due diligence or advice on how to structure the deal.


(2) Organizations that have in-house counsel but at peak times, may need an extra set of hands to assist with overflow work. Maybe they are undergoing a transaction or are in the middle of a significant litigation matter that is taking up a lot of time and they may need help with the day-to-day legal work on a short-term basis.


(3) Individuals or organizations with “one off” legal needs. This may include a client who wants to start a business and needs to incorporate, a client who owns a small business and has employment law questions, someone who has been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and wants legal advice first, etc.


With our broad range of legal and business experience, our lawyers are well-suited to assist all sorts of clients with a variety of strategic needs. We can guide our clients through complex legal issues that concern their organizations.